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Investigations on laser- and electron beam welded joints of nickel-base alloys

: Busch, W.-B.; Kunze, H.-D.

3rd International Colloquium on Welding and Melting by Electronics and Laser Beams. Proceedings
S.517-524 : Abb.,Tab.,Lit.
International Colloquium on Welding and Melting by Electron and Laser Beams <3, 1983, Lyon>
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
electron-beam welding; heat affected zone; Inconel 718; laser welding microstructure; microhardness; Waspaloy

The precipitation hardened nickel-base alloys, used for high temperature applications, are sensitive towards microcracks in the heat affected zone of weldings. This phenomenon of weld affected microcracks is of great importance, if high energy welding equipment is used instead of welding technologies with small temperature gradients. Investigations by light microscopy and measurements of the microhardness of Waspaloy demonstrate that the transition from the base material into the heat affected zone is not visible, but a significant drop in hardness can be found. Electron micrographs show that the precipitations dissolve in this region. Even in the weld metal no precipitations can be detected. On the other hand the PM-alloy Udimet 700 with its higher content of precipitation forming elements demonstrates an increasing microhardness in the fusion zone. Very small and uniformly distributed precipitations are visible. (IFAM)