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Investigations of a closed-cell foam with scanning electron microscopy

Untersuchungen eines geschlossen-zelligen Schaumstoffes mittels Rasterelektronenmikroskopie
: Schmitt, W.; Geißler, A.

Oliver, D.R.:
Third European Rheology Conference and Golden Jubilee Meeting of the British Society of Rheology '90
London: Elsevier, 1990
ISBN: 1-85166-538-2
European Rheology Conference <3, 1990, Edinburgh>
British Society of Rheology (Meeting) <3, 1990, Edinburgh>
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closed-cell foam; deformative process; loading; micromechanic strain; packaging material; plastic; scanning electron microscopy; time-accelerated test

Foams belong to the most important class of packaging materials. They are part of a special group of heterogeneous materials that demonstrate nonlinear viscoelastic behaviour. When used as cushioning materials, their damping behaviour is a function of the static load. Microscopic investigations reveal that these nonlinearities observed on the macro scale are an attribute of special deformation processes of micromechanical dimensions.