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Investigation of the mode structure of InAsSb/InAsSbP lasers with respect to spectroscopic applications

: Popov, A.; Scheumann, B.; Mücke, R.; Baranov, A.; Sherstnev, V.; Yakovlev, Y.; Werle, P.


Infrared physics and technology 37 (1996), S.117-121 : Ill., Lit.
ISSN: 1350-4495
Fraunhofer IFU; 2002 in Helmholtz-Gesellschaft integriert

New InAsSb diode lasers in the 3.4 mu m spectral region were tested for their suitability for trace gas analysis. Selected lasers have shown single-frequency lasing over a large range of current and temperature and a cw optical power of 2 mW/facet at 82 K. The operating temperature range was 77-105 K under driving currents of 30 to 250 mA. The tuning characteristics of the investigated lasers were about 1 GHz/mA and 1.3 cm(-1)/K.