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An investigation of the mechanical destruction processes using electric and acoustic measurements

: Ranachowski, J.; Ranachowski, Z.; Rejmund, F.; Baumbach, H.

Polish Ceramic Bulletin 5 (1993), S.141-151
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
elektromagnetisches Verfahren; Riß; Rißprüfung; Rißwachstum; Schallemission

The article reports for an application of acoustic and electric methods to investigations of destruction process in materials. The following two methods were used: electric conductivity method correlated with acoustic emission and electromagnetic emission method, also with the acosutic emission records. In the both cases the measuremnts were conducted during the three-point bending. The acoustic emission method (AE) has been used as an indicator of starting of the cracking process, and its further growth. The objective of the research was to find out the interrelation between AE, being immediately identified with cracking, and the conductivity as well as electromagnetic emission during the failure process. The other aim of the work was an attempt to develop new non-destructive methods for the evaluations of cracking, and behaviour of the brittle materials under load.