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An investigation of higher-order tomographic filters using Fourier transforms on reconstructed images

: Zhou, J.; Maisl, M.; Reiter, H.; Munshi, P.


Nuclear instruments and methods in physics research, Section A. Accelerators, spectrometers, detectors and associated equipment 88 (1994), S.485-489
ISSN: 0167-5087
ISSN: 0168-9002
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
computed tomography; Computertomographie; filter function; Filterfunktion; Fourier-Filter; geometrical resolution; geometrische Auflösung; hamming; reconstruction; Rekonstruktion; Vergleich

Higher-order tomographic filters were reported some time back in literature, and some results with simulated data were made available. These filters are suitable for the popular convolution backprojection algorithm used for nondestructive testing (NDT) purposes. This study involves the application of these filters on some real data. A specimen having a 50-micron structure has been used for the study. The higher-order filters are essentially Fourier-filters. Two-dimensional Fourier-spectrum of the reconstructed images has also been used for studying the performance of these filters.