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Investigation of Exhaust Gas Products in the Thermal Disposal of Waste Munitions using Nitrocellulose and TNT as Examples

Untersuchung der Abgaszusammensetzung bei der thermischen Entsorgung von Munition am Beispiel von Nitrocellulose und TNT
: Gröbel, V.; Krause, H.H.; Weiser, V.

Krause, H.H.; Penninger, J.M.L.:
Conversion of Polymer Wastes and Energetics
Toronto-Scarborough: ChemTec Publishing, 1994
ISBN: 1-895198-06-2
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burning; Incineration Apparatus; nitrocellulose; thermal disposal; TNT; waste munition

The apparatus presented is suitable for investigating the burning behavior and toxic substance emission of solid and liquid waste materials on a laboratory scale. In particular, the following possibilities are provided: - The burning of sufficient quantities of substance under controlled conditions with adjustable air supply and ignition support facility, - The auxiliary ignition burner makes possible an investigation of substances difficult to ignite as well as low-calorie substances, - It is possible to make temperature measurements and gas sampling out of the flame zone and the smoke gases, - Simulation of thermal disposal units and toxic fires. The measurements were carried out in this burning apparatus on NC and TNT as model substances for materials containing NO2 groups.