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Interactive Graphical Planning and Design of Spacious Logistic Environments

: Flaig, T.; Grefen, K.; Neuber, D.

Bergamasco, M. ; European Communities, ESPRIT Working Group 9122:
Advances, Applications and Impact of Immersive Virtual Environments
Pisa, Italien, 1996
FIVE International Conference <2, 1996, Pisa, Italien>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
3D; 3D-sensor; design; Echtzeit-Signalverarbeitung; Graphik; graphische Datenverarbeitung; Logistik; Prototyp; sensor; simulation; virtual reality

Most logistic environments are spacious and therefore difficult to handle in all necessary processes from the first idea as far as the realization of a logistic center. These complexity of numerous components, dynamic circumstances and architectural requirements can be handled in an easier way by the use of Virtual Reality. This technique takes 3D data of prototypes and presents this information as a stereoscopic computer generated image to a user equipped with an head mounted display and 6D input devices. The head movements are tracked by sensors and the image is updated accordingly in real-time. Sensors also track hand and finger movements, allowing 3D input from the user in a way which is not possible with traditional interfaces such as keyboard, mouse or joystick.