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Inter-active documents. The third Milleniums's window to the world

: Schoenhut, J.

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chilton:
BCS Conference Documentation Displays Group. Interactive Documents - Today and Tomorrow
Chilton, 1988
Interactive Documents - Today and Tomorrow <1988, Chilton>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
computer graphics; document processing; dynamic document; dynamic programming; information retrieval; interactive system; multi-media document; technological forecasting; text processing

What is a document? Developments in the context of electronic document processing are especially based on deficiency symptoms like storage capacity, communication bandwidth, processing power and presentation capability. Moreover a very poor definition of the term "document" is in use. In our days the meaning of "documents" is still borrowed from the "classical paper document". But fantasy should be employed! In this artical the contents of documents are reconsidered under the (new) points of emphasis: Compound Documents and Interaction. On top of that vision a forecast is given of what the future has in store for computer graphics - a future without any limited resources, a future in which multi-media interactive documents can be handled. (AGD)