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Integrierter Speicherkollektor

: Schmidt, C.; Sick, F.; Braun, P.

Bundesministerium für Forschung und Technologie -BMFT-, Bonn:
Energetische Optimierung der Solarapertur. Statusbericht 1989
Bonn, 1989
Statusseminar über Energetische Optimierung der Solarapertur <1989, Titisee>
Fraunhofer ISE ()

Transparent insulation materials (TIM) can extremely improve collector systems with respect to both system performance and simplification. Integrated collector storage (ICS) systems which already reduce the number of components by combining collector and storage tank, do not rquire any means of freeze protection if they are TIM-covered. An anti-freeze loop with heat exchanger is not necessary. This was proofed with the first two ICS prototypes during an extreme cold period with little insolation (January 1987) in Freiburg, FRG. Improved prototypes with reflector reached a yearly solar fraction of 65 % and an efficiency of 32 % (4 square meter absorber area, 160 liters of water at 45 degree C per day, 10 degree C cold water inlet temperature and slope of 45 degree, south oriented). Integration in roofs is easy and a vertical (wall integrated) collector still reaches 59 % solar fraction and 43 % efficiency at otherwise same conditions as above.