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Integration of Live Video and Computer Graphics for Video Effekt Generation

: Ackermann, H.-J.; Osterfeld, U.

Hasund, K.:
Eurographics '94
Cambridge: Blackwell Scientific Publications, 1994
Eurographics <1994, Oslo>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
multimedia; Rendering Hardware; texture mapping; Videoeffektgenerierung

We present the architecture of a system, based on a PC, covering real-time video processing by integration of live video and computer graphics. The video processing and integration is realized by generating and evaluation of an on-line MIPmap video texture. This new application of a known filtering technique for still textures in the field of live video processing permits an easy and high performance integration of video and graphics to speed up the video processing. The video texture is then mapped on surfaces defined by graphics primitives. The graphics primitives are processed by a standard graphics pipeline with special hardware support for the rendering part.