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Integration of a quantum well laser with AlGaAs/GaAs-HEMT electronics.

Integration eines Quantum Well Lasers mit AlGaAs/GaAs-HEMT Elektronik

Jones, K.S.; Pearton, S.J. ; Materials Research Society -MRS-:
III-V electronic and photonic device fabrication and performance
Boston/Mass.: MRS, 1993 (Materials Research Society symposia proceedings 300)
ISBN: 1-558-99196-4
Materials Research Society (Spring Meeting) <1993, San Francisco/Calif.>
Fraunhofer IAF ()
dry etching; HEMT; monolithic integration; monolithische Integration; optoelectronics; Optoelektronik; QW-laser; Trockenätzen

In this presentation the various technology steps for the monolithic integration of GaAs quantum well lasers with Double Pulse Doped AlGaAs/GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Well (DPD-QW) E/D HEMT electronics on a single substrate in one process run are described. All layers are grown by molecular beam epitaxy. The laser structure, consisting of three 74 A GaAs quantum wells between two AlGaAs cladding layers, are grown on top of the electronic structure. The laser mesas and contact areas are defined by a combined wet and dry etch process. Apart from the transistor gates which are exposed by electron beam lithography, all lithography steps are performed using contact printing. A two layer metallization is used to interconnect the devices whereby air-bridges are used to connect the laser mesas to the electronics. First results showed laser action of laser diodes of area 3 x 300 qmym at a threshold current of less than 60 mA, as well as the operation of different electronic devices on wafers which hav e been processed in this way. These include a laser diode driver, and an optoelectronic receiver with a MSM photo diode, both devices operating at a data rate of 5 Gbit/sec. These results indicate that the process sequence described is suitable for the integration of laser diodes and HEMT electronics.