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Integration der Qualitätssicherung. Organisation, Systeme, Methoden

Integration of quality ensurance. Organiszation, systems, methods
: Kring, J.R.

Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft für Oberflächenbehandlung e.V. -DFO-:
SURTEC '91. 6. Internationaler Kongreß für Oberflächentechnik
Düsseldorf, 1991
SURTEC <6, 1991, Berlin>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
CIM; Qualitätssicherung; quality assurance; Teamarbeit; teamwork; total quality management; TQM

The demand for quality management embracing all functions, the possibility of integrating computer systems, and the need for more rapid development procedures, have had a considerable influence on the design of quality assurance procedures. Team-based QA is a highly effective way which has been tried many times over in practice. Not only self-testing in production but also planning can be carried out in teams. Information and planning systems can support teamwork if their functions and information access is adapted to their specific tasks. Integrated systems (CIM) appear to be an important prerequisit for TQM. The integration not only affects data requirement but also calls for suitable structured organization of quality management. QA methods and measuring techniques in conjunction with the processes being monitored.