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Integrated directional coupler for 90 and 180 GHz

Integrierte Richtkoppler für 90 und 180 GHz


IEEE Microwave and Guided Wave Letters 9 (1999), Nr.8, S.308 ff. : Ill.
ISSN: 1051-8207
Fraunhofer IAF ()
coplanar coupler; coupled transmission line; directional coupler; gekoppelte Leitung; koplanarer Richtkoppler; Koppler für Millimeterwellen; milimeter-wave coupler; nicht-lineare Leitung; nonlinear transmission line; Richtkoppler

This letter presents coplanar integrated directional couplers for 90 and 180 GHz with a 60-GHz (120-GHz) bandwidth and up to 20-dB directivity. A three-dimensional (3-D) field simulator has been used to calculate the complex propagation constants and the impedances of the two modes. For the first time, the comparison of simulated and measured 5-parameters up to 230 GHz shows the validity of the design approach and the capability of integrated coplanar couplers.