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Instrumentation for measuring and monitoring cleanroom suitability of equipment

: Kahlden, T. von

The future practice of contamination control. Proceedings
London: Mechanical Engineering Publications, 1992
ISBN: 0-85298-829-X
International Symposium on Contamination Control <11, 1992, London>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Ausrüstung; cleanroom; contamination control; control; Kontamination; measurement; Messen; Reinraum; Steuerung

Until now the emphasis in contamination control and monitoring under cleanroom conditions has mainly been on cleanrooms. Cleanroom technology developed more quickly than the equipment. As a result, the equipment contributes a lot to product contamination. Therefore, monitoring the cleanroom suitability of equipment is of increasing significance. For that purpose particle counters with different flow volumes and good resolutions are applied as well as particle collection systems. For monitoring large particles and for quick analysis the IPA has developed an impactor which allows in order to simplify particle counting and analysis. The monitoring of cleanroom conditions, e.o. the flow and electrostatic conditions, also plays a major role with regard to the contamination control of equipment.