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Die insektendichte Lebensmittelverpackung - Ansprüche, Realisierungsmöglichkeiten, Zukunftsperspektiven

Insect proof food packaging. Demands, possible realization, perspectives in future
: Hennlich, W.

Getreide, Mehl und Brot 46 (1992), Nr.8, S.250-254
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
Abpackmaschine; adhesive; bag; Beutel; closure technique; Faltschachtel; foam-melt-method; Foam-Melt-Methode; folding carton; food packaging; insect proof; Insektendichtigkeit; Klebstoff; Lebensmittelverpackung; packaging machine; sift-proof-procedure; Sift-Proof-Verfahren; stored-product insect; Verschlußtechnik; Vorratsschädling

Because of long distribution lines from the manufacturer to the consumer, commodities like sweets, baker's ware, cereal products and dried fruit will already be attacked by stored product insects in packages. The economical loss caused by food pests must be ranked as important. First of all food packages applied in masses by manufacturers, primarily folding cartons but also bags are little useful for protection of stored products against pests. For that reason, insect proof packages will be asked by manufacturers and packers. Research work has revealed that infestation of packed foods will be caused exclusively by untight and defective package closures. Research and development in the packaging industry will lay stress upon an improved closure technique. Moreover high technical efficiency will be claimed for mechanical packaging. Besides a perfect machine compatibility of the packaging material a good adhesive technique is a necessary condition which allows manufacturing of package closures without pores and holes. As an example for a new packaging and adhesive technique, the so-called "Sift-Proof" procedure combined with the "Foam Melt"-method is described.