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The influence of photoelectronics and fluorescence radiation on resolution in X-rax lithography

: Chlebek, J.; Heuberger, A.; Huber, H.-L.; Betz, H.

Microelectronic engineering 6 (1987), Nr.1-4, S.221-226
ISSN: 0167-9317
Fraunhofer ISIT ()
Fluoreszenz; Lack; Photoelektron; resist fluorescence; Röntgenlithographie; X-ray lithography

Absorbed X-ray photons generate electrons which influence the resolution in X-ray lithography. In this paper electrons released from the mask membrane, the resist and the sublayer are characterized experimentally. The effects of resist and target materials, the angular distribution of released electrons, the dose and the development time dependence are investigated. The results show that the influence on the resolution is in the order of 20-35 nm. Furthermore, the influence of fluorescence radiation is negligible. (IMT)