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The influence of oxygen on the apparent rate constant for the reaction of OH with aromatics in smog chamber experiments in nitrogen at one atmosphere

: Elend, M.; Zetzsch, C.

Cox, R.A. ; European Commission:
Laboratory studies on atmospheric chemistry. Joint LACTOZ-HALIPP Workshop, CEC/EUROTRAC
Brussels, 1991 (Air pollution research report 42)
ISBN: 2-87263-083-X
Joint LACTOZ-HALIPP Workshop <1991, York>
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
aromatic compound; atmospheric chemistry; chemistry; nitrogen; nitrogen compound; photochemical smog; photochemistry; smog chamber

Conclusion: Our results confirm that a scavenger is required to remove aromatics from the atmosphere. Our smog chamber data are observed to be in good agreement with our previous direct measurement of the individual rate constants. A contribution of other secondary radicals can be avoided by low initial concentration of the organics. The technique looks promising for the investigation of similar systems and other aromatics.