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Influence of device parameters of the number of N VII Lyman-Alpha photons emitted during one single pinch event

: Rothweiler, D.; Hannawald, J.; Lebert, R.; Neff, W.; Tusche, A.

Haines, M. ; American Institute of Physics -AIP-, New York:
Dense z-pinches. Third International Conference 1993
New York/N.Y.: AIP Press, 1994 (AIP Conference Proceedings 299)
ISBN: 1-563-96297-7
S.236-243 : Abb.,Lit.
International Conference on Dense Z-pinches <3, 1993, London>
Fraunhofer ILT ()
biological specimen; brightness; gas pressure; microscopy experiment; nitrogen gas; nitrogen pressure; x-ray microscopy

A plasma focus x-ray source is optimized experimentally to produce N VII Lyman-alpha line radiation for its application to pulsed x-ray microscopy. The brightness in this x-ray line increases proportional to the nitrogen pressure peaking at pinch currents that match the energy per ion input into the plasma with respect to proper ionization and excitation. Its upper limit is due to the onset of filamentary streamer discharges that give rise to loss currents and thus interfere with an appropriate adjustment of pinch current and gas pressure. A stationary gas flow scheme with two different gases for plasma ignition and radiation production is applied to extend the pressure range where ignition occurs undisturbed and an improvement of the brightness as expected in view of its scaling with pinch current and gas pressure is demonstrated.