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Influence of carbide powder composition on decarburization during air plasma spraying.

Einfluß der Karbidpulverzusammensetzung auf die Entkohlung beim atmosphärischen Plasmaspritzschichten
: Berger, L.-M.; Henke, J.; Oswald, A.; Schultrich, B.

2nd Plasma-Technik-Symposium '91. Proceedings. Vol.2
Plasma-Technik-Symposium <2, 1991, Luzern>
Fraunhofer IWS ()
air plasma spraying; atmosphärisches Plasmaspritzen; carbide; decarburization; Entkohlung; hardmetal; Hartmetall; Karbid; plasma spraying; Plasmaspritzen; titanium carbide; Titankarbid

This paper concerns the alterations in chemical composition and phase structure of carbide powders in air plasma spraying. Carbides of tungsten and titanium and mixed carbides of them, with different contents of free carbon and grain size fractions, were sprayed as unblended powders and also blended with an iron/chromium powder. The resulting coatings were investigated by chemical analysis and X-ray diffraction. The results show the advantages of the cubic titanium carbide in comparison with the hexagonal tungsten carbides.