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Influence of additives on the burning behaviour of nitromethan/methanol mixtures

Einfluss von Zusätzen auf das Abbrandverhalten von Nitromethan/Methanol-Mischungen
: Koppenhöfer, W.; Krause, H.H.; Langer, G.

American Defense Preparedness Association -ADPA-, Arlington/Va.:
12th International Symposium on Ballistics 1990. Proceedings
Arlington/Va.: ADPA, 1990
S.198-205 (Vol. 2)
International Symposium on Ballistics <12, 1990, San Antonio/Tex.>
Fraunhofer ICT ()
additive; ballistic bomb; burning; chemical reaction; evaporation; ignition; laboratory method; liquid gun propellant; methanol; monergol; nitromethan; performance

The burning behavior of liquid gun propellants is determined to a considerable extent by two key processes: evaporation and chemical reaction. A guided control of these two processes offers valuable points of information for the further development of existing monergol systems, for example through modification with suitable additives. In order to make full use of this development potential, simple testing methods are required which allow prognoses to be made on ignition and burning behavior. Here, apart from the performance data, evaporation properties and chemical decompositions are the principal criteria. This report presents laboratory procedures which characterize the evaporation and the chemical decomposition of liquid gun propellants. The results of these laboratory methods are compard with tests from a ballistic bomb and herein discussed.