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Increased surfactant protein - a content in human alveolar macrophages in hypersensitivity pneumonitis

: Wang, Y.-M.; Kalaycioglu, O.; Schoenfeld, B.; Bartsch, W.; Costabel, U.; Guzman, J.; Hamm, H.

Acta Cytologica 36 (1992), Nr.5, S.668-673
ISSN: 0001-5547
ISSN: 1938-2650
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
allergy; alveolitis; immunity; immunochemistry; immunology; lung; macrophage; pneumonia; protein; pulmonary surfactant; surface active agent

Surfactants protein A (SP-A) appears to have an important function in the assembly and maintenance of the alveolar surfactant monolayer. SP-A has also been implicated in modulating the activity of immunoactive cells, such as increasing the bactericidal capacity of alveolar macrophages. In this immunocytochemical study the SP-A content of alveolar macrophages from seven patients with hypersensitivity pneumonitis was compared with the results obtained from six healthy controls. A polyclonal rabbit antibody against human SP-A was used for detection of SP-A in the cytoplasm of alveolar macrophages, applying the immunoperoxidase adhesive slide assay. In hypersensitivity pneumonitis a significant increase in the percentage of SP-A+ alveolar macrophages was observed as compared with the percentage in healthy controls. (Abstract truncated)