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Improved properties of the magnesium based alloy MSR.

Verbesserte Eigenschaften der Magnesiumlegierung MSR
: Bühler, K.

Materials and manufacturing processes 4 (1989), Nr.4, S.603-616
ISSN: 1042-6914
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
age-hardening; Aushärtung; creep; Kriechverhalten; magnesium-base-alloy; Magnesiumlegierung; mechanical property; mechanische Eigenschaft; thermomechanical treatment; thermomechanische Behandlung

The low density of magnesium alloys makes them attractive for the use in light weight construction in the automotive and aerospace industries. The deficiencies of the mechanical properties frequently prevent these alloys from competing with aluminium alloys. The concept of THERMOMECHANICAL TREATMENT offers the opportunity of developing the full potential of commercial magnesium alloys. This forms the background of the investigations reported in this paper which attempts to show the beneficial effects of such processes on select mechanical properties.