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Implementing the fractal company

Einführung der fraktalen Fabrik
: Borgmann, C.

CAM-I AMS Program Meeting Management Seminar "Exploring Enterprise Transformation". Proceedings
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Fraunhofer IFF ()
control concept; Fractal Company; Fraktale Fabrik; project management; Projektmanagement; reorganization; Steuerungskonzept; Umstrukturierung

Major principles of the fractal company include transparency, motivation of empolyees, cooperation instead of confrontation, and continuous optimization through internalisation of corporate goals. For a successful implementation strict project management is necessary relying on a mixed allocation of resources that improves the performance both by solving daily problems and enlarging corporate potential. The process of transformation centers on employee skills and capabilities. Success characteristics are a 30% increase in productivity, reduction of loadtime from 30 to 6 days or the decrease of inventory costs from 9 to 5 million DM.