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Implementing a general OMS benchmark on PCTE and ECMA PCTE

Implementierung eines allgemeinen OMS Benchmark auf PCTE and ECMA PCTE
: Neuhaus, J.; Wu, X.

Lindquist, T.; Koehnemann, H.:
Proceedings of the PCTE '94 Conference
Encino: Mark V Systems Ltd., 1994
ISBN: 0-9644599-0-6
PCTE <1994, San Francisco/Calif.>
Fraunhofer ISST ()
Benchmark; Bewertung; ECMA PCTE; evaluation; object management; Objektverwaltung; PCTE; performance; Performanz

There is a discussion whether PCTE is suitable for fine grained data or not, but there are very few test results.To test the performance of PCTE we have used a benchmark that was originally developed to test whether an OMS is suitable to support an SDE, which is based on syntax directed tools.This benchmark is defined in abstract terms, so that portability between different data models could be achieved.This paper introduces the Merlin benchmark and describes some relevant aspects and design decisions for our PCTE implementation.Then we discuss how to implement this benchmark on top of a PCTE 1.5 implementation.Results of the benchmark are given, too. Finally, we discuss the process of porting the benchmark to forthcoming ECMA PCTE implementations.The results of the benchmark can be used to determine whether PCTE can provide the necessary performance for supporting finegrained data and to highlight some performance problems that PCTE has with some operations.