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Imaging scatterer planes by photoelectron diffraction

Abbildung von Netzebenen mittels Photoelektronenbeugung
: Seelmann Eggebert, M.


Surface Science 377-379 (1997), S.1094-1100 : Ill., Lit.
ISSN: 0039-6028
Fraunhofer IAF ()
Alpha-Sn; CHRISDA; photoelectron holography; Photoelektronenholographie; XPD

A novel direct crystallographic method CHRISDA (combined holographic real-space imaging by superimposed dimer function algorithm) is proposed which permits an assessment of the near-surface structure of a solid sample by analysis of a single core-level photoemission or Auger emission diffraction pattern (XPD or AED) recorded over the hemisphere of electron escape angles. Combining the elements of holography and real-space triangulation, the approach achieves a high spatial resolution (about 0.1 A.U.) and requires a knowledge of only a few non-structural parameters. To demonstrate the experimental efficacy of CHRISDA, a Sn film deposited on a CdTe(lll) substrate is analyzed and yields the diamond structure characteristic of alpha-Sn.