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The Image Model and the Image Interchange Format

: Blum, C.; Hofmann, G.R.

Day, R.A.; Duce, D.A.; Fuhrhop, C.; Gallop, J.R.; Maybury, R.; Sutcliffe, D.C.; Arnold, D.:
Graphics and Communications. International Workshop
Berlin: Springer, 1991 (Eurographic Seminars. Tutorials and Perspectives in Computer Graphics)
ISBN: 3-540-54001-6
Graphics and Communication <1990, Breuberg>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
DIN; image data model; image interchange format; image processing and interchange standard; IPI; IPI Standard; ISO/IEC; JTC1; SC24

This report deals with the image data model and the Image Interchange Format (IIF) for the first International Image Processing and Interchange Standard (IPI), which is under elaboration by ISO/IEC JTC1/SC24 - i.e. "information processing"/"computer graphics" - committee work. The authors are constributors and co-workers within the ISO/IEC committee and the DIN German Instituts for Standardization (DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung). The paper focuses on the image data model which describes image data structures and image attributes. Finally, the paper reports on the prospective design of an Image Interchange Format (IIF) which will be one part of the IPI standard and, thus, will be based on the common image data model. Parts of this report are included in the paper "Requirements and Basic Concepts for the first International Imaging Standsrd" by Blum, Hofmann, and Krömker, which has been submitted to the journal "IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications" for publication.