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Ignition and combustion behaviour of monergolic liquid propellants

Zünd- und Verbrennungsverhalten von monergolen flüssigen Treibstoffen
: Volk, F.

Illinois Institute of Technology -IIT-, Chicago/Ill.:
15th International Pyrotechnics Seminar '90. Proceedings
Chicago/Ill., 1990
International Pyrotechnics Seminar <15, 1990, Boulder/Colo.>
Fraunhofer ICT ()
binder; calorimetric bomb; combustion; GAP; gas analysis; ignition; isopropylnitrate; liquid propellant; methanol; monergole; nitromethane; plasticizer; reaction product; trinitroethanol

Several mixtures containing nitromethane were tested in a calorimetric vessel with the aim of determining their ignition and burning behavior. As ignition at normal pressure was incomplete, a pressure of 8 bar in an argon atmosphere was applied in most cases. Under these ignition conditions it was possible to ignite all liquid propellant mixtures successfully. The quality of the ignition and combustion process was evaluated via gas analysis in a manner enabling us to compare experimentally obtained reaction products with theoretically calculated values.