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I-Media: An integrated Media Server and Media Database as a basic Component of a Cross Media Publishing System

: Zedler, J.; Ramadan, M.


Computers and Graphics 21 (1997), Nr.6
ISSN: 0097-8493
Fraunhofer IGD ()
cross media publishing; Multimedia Database; multimedia server; new media; object-oriented database; Print publishing

The publication of the same information on different media, the so-called Cross Media Publishing (CMP), is becoming one of the central aspects in todays publishing industry. CMP centers on a media independent document definition and an efficient integrated publishing on different media: e.g. as a paper document, as an online document in the World Wide Web, and as an offline (CD-ROM based) multimedia presentation. The aim of CMP is to get these different media at the same stage, while - and that is important - spending an acceptable amount of additional effort (in time and money) for production. In this paper we present a solution for a key problem of Cross Media Publishing, the handling of media data (images, audio, video, ...) by using a combined approach of server and database systems functionality. The integrated multimedia server and database I-Media and it's role in a complete CMP solution will be presented.