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Hydrolysierbare und polymerisierbare bzw. polyaddierbare Silane, ein Verfahren zu deren Herstellung sowie deren Verwendung

Hydrolysable and polymerisable silane(s) with thiol substit. - prepd. from silane and oligo-thiol, useful for thiol-ene poly-addn. and preparing polycondensate. e.g. for adhesive or coating compsns..
: Wolter, H.; Storch, W.

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Silanes have the general formula (I): [(HS-R5)nR6-S-E-R5]aSiXxR4-a- x3 (I); E = -CO-NH-, -CS-NH-, -CH2-CH2- or -CH2-CH(OH)-;R3 = 1-15 C alk(en)yl, (alkyl)aryl or arylalkyl; R5, R6 = 1-15 C alkylene or arylene(alkylene); R3, R5, R6 may contain O or S atoms or ester, carbonyl, amido or amino gps. in the chain; X = H, halogen, OH, alkoxy, acyloxy, alkylcarbonyl, alkoxycarbonyl or NR''2; R'' = H, alkyl or aryl; a, x = 1, 2 or 3; and n = 2, 3, 4 or 5. USE - (I) are used for thiol-ene poly-addn. and in the prepn. of organic modified SiO2 (hetero)polycondensates by hydrolytic condensation (all claimed). They give compsns. useful for scratch-proof, wear-resistant and corrosion-inhibiting coatings, filling, adhesive or sealing compsns., making mouldings, films or fibres, fillers or potting materials. The polycondensates are useful for e.g. optical, electronic, medical, optoelectronic and food packaging purposes. (I) are also useful in coating, filling or bulk materials, adhesives and injection moulding compsns.; in compsns., e.g. coating compsns., for photochemical structures; injection, casting, pressing, rapid proto-typing or extrusion mouldings; and for making (contact) lenses and composites e.g. with fibres, fillers or fabrics. ADVANTAGE - (I) are universally applicable, i.e. can be incorporated in an (in)organic network. They can be synthesised quickly, easily and economically.