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Humanes Clarazell-spezifisches Antigen und dessen Antikoerper SEC-41 sowie Hybridoma Han-41

Human Clara cell-specific antigen and its antibody. SEC-41 and hybridoma Han-41
: Ochiai, A.; Emura, M.; Mohr, U.

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DE 1991-4105374 A: 19910221
DE 1991-4105374 A: 19910221
DE 4105374 C1: 19920617
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The invention refers to the new monoclonal antibody SEC-41 and the hybridoma cell line Han-41, which produces this antibody and to the use of the antibody. The hybridoma cell line (DSM ACC2002) produces a monoclonal antibody which detects the glycoprotein, having a molecular weight of about 52,000 Daltons, in human broncho-alveolar lavage samples. Moreover, the monoclonal antibody according to the invention has an immunhistochemical reaction with type II pneumocytes and Clara cells of the adult human lung tissue. In addition, the monoclonal antibody (SEC-41) detects human lung epithelial cells in the female foetus of the 18th week of pregnancy.