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Human embyronic/atrial myosin alkali light chain gene. Characterization, sequence, and chromosomal location

: Arnold, H.-H.; Bober, E.; Fodor, W.L.; Francke, U.; Hsieh, C.-L.; Seharaseyon, J.; Vanin, E.F.

Genomics 7 (1990), Nr.2, S.289-293
ISSN: 0888-7543
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
amino acid sequence; base sequence; chromosome mapping; chromosomes; exon; gene; genetic; human chromosome 17; MLC-1 gene; mosin alkali light chain gene; myosin

We have isolated and sequenced the gene encoding the human embryonic/atrial myosin alkali light chain isoform (MLC-1emb/A). The gene is split into seven exons by six introns. The last exon, as in all MLC isoform genes sequenced to date, is completely 3'untranslated sequence. Comparison of the MLC-1emb/A isoform gene with the other MLC-1 genes showed that the exon-intron arrangement of the human MLC-1emb/A isoform gene is analogous to that of the other MLC-1 type isoform genes. We have also mapped the human MLC-1emb/a isoform gene to the long arm of chromosome 17. The corresponding mouse gene has been mapped to chromosome 11. This gene, together with a number of others such as the collagen alpha 1, galactokinase, and thymidine kinase genes, is part of the largest syntenic group between mouse and man.