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Hotline and consulting in a metropolitan area network - the HotCon approach to integrated services -

: Nentwig, L.; Manhart, S.; Sandkuhl, K.

Barbera, J.; Kiers, J.P.A.:
JENC '95. 6th Joint European Networking Conference. Proceedings
London: Terena, 1995
Joint European Networking Conference <6, 1995, Tel Aviv>
Fraunhofer ISST ()
CSCW; distributed application; integration; man; multimedia

The state of the basic technology for high speed networks and multimedia applications has already stabilized (incl. transport protocols, compression standards, telecooperation tools). The next challenge is the integration of existing basic technologies into new application environments adapted to organizational structures. The HotCon project has thus adopted an approach whereby existing communication and cooperation support services and newly developed coordination tools are integrated to form an overall system. The resulting multimedia hotline and consulting system will be used by the Berlin Administration to support network and system management. HotCon is based on the Berlin Metropolitan Area Network, an ATM network with a transmission rate of 155 Mbit/s. The HotCon System supports a synchronous or asynchronous dialog between a user and a specialist in problem situations. Asynchronous transmission of information is achieved by means of an extended X.400 service which permits the sen ding of multimedia messages (incl. graphics and video). Synchronous communication is supported by a telecooperation platform. Solutions to problems and further courseware are stored in a HotCon Database, into which the multimedia information service WWW is integrated. These services and other applicationspecific tools are brought together under a uniform user interface. The HotCon project is being carried out as part of one of the DFN Society's Regional Testbed Projects which are aimed at combining broadband network structures with the development and use of new applications in various parts of Germany.