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Homogene Keramikfasern mit magnetischen Eigenschaften

Homogeneous ceramic fibres - comprises magnetite, ferrite and/or spinel.
: Thierauf, A.; Essl, F.; Glaubitt, W.; Jahn, R.

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DE 1996-19637950 A1: 19960917
DE 1996-19641651 A: 19961009
DE 19641651 A1: 19980326
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Homogeneous ceramic fibres consist of magnetite, ferrite and/or spinel. Also claimed is the production of the above fibres, comprising: (a) forming a stable sol, in which a metal compound having organic ligands containing oxygen, nitrogen and/or sulphur is dissolved in an organic solvent containing nitrogen, oxygen and/or sulphur; (b) adjusting the sol to a viscosity for pulling fibres; (c) pulling fibres from the sol; (d) drying; and (e) pyrolysing the fibres and heating to a temperature, at which the required magnetic crystal structure is formed. ADVANTAGE - Pure ceramic homogeneous fibres with magnetic properties are produced.