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Hochvakuumdichte Antriebsvorrichtung

High vacuum-tight drive device
: Huber, A.; Lambrecht, A.

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DE 1991-4106846 A: 19910304
DE 1991-4106846 A: 19910304
DE 4106846 C1: 19920130
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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An ultra-high vacuum-tight drive device is designed as a UHV double lead-through with integrated magnetic coupling (1). The magnetic coupling (1) permits the transmission of the rotary movement of a rotary drive (41) to a shaft (16) which transfers a substrate affixed to a receiving head (2) into a constant rotary movement. The receiving head (2) between a feed position and an evaporation position is swiveled by means of a hollow shaft (17) rigidly connected to the receiver head (2), said hollow shaft designed in the region of the magnetic coupling (1) as a sleeve (32) made of thin-walled non-magnetizable steel and coupled via a UHV rotary lead-through (25) for the part-turn valve actuator. In the region of the magnetic coupling (1), the housing (18) is also thin and is formed of non-magnetizable special steel.