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Hochregalanlage mit einem Regalfoerderzeug

High-bay warehousing system incorporating an order picker and placer
: Grafe, W.; Schroer, W.; Sondermann, W.

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DE 1989-3907623 A: 19890309
DE 1989-3907623 A: 19890309
DE 3907623 A1: 19900920
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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A description is given of a high-bay warehousing system with an order picker and placer consisting of a vertical mast construction which can be moved longitudinally along the aisle and load-bearing devices which can be aligned with the shelves for placing or picking orders and which can be moved towards the shelves at right angles to the aisle. At least one load suspension device is mounted on the mast construction for each level of shelves. Each of these load suspension devices bears a crossover conveyor mounted on the rigid platform or a rigid frame (16); each crossover conveyor can be adjusted over the entire length and beyond the end of the platform or frame. This crossover conveyor is designed as a carriage (23) which runs in guides (24a, 24b) of the platform or frame. A linear drive arranged on the platform of the frame (16) acts on the carriage. On both ends of the carriage (23) there are locks (32) for the storage unit which can be raised and lowered transversely in relation to the direction of movement. These locks can also be coupled with an actuator which is located partly on the carriage (23) and partly on the platform or frame (16).