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Hochohmiges Siliziumkarbid und Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung

Process for the production of high-impedance silicon carbide
: Niemann, E.; Schneider, J.; Mueller, H.; Maier, K.

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DE 1993-4325804 A: 19930731
DE 1993-4325804 A: 19930731
EP 1994-921662 A: 19940721
WO 1994-EP2400 W: 19940721
DE 4325804 C2: 19970724
EP 711363 B1: 19990203
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The object of the invention is a process for the production of high-impendance SiC made of a low-impedance starting material. Said invention consists in overcompensating the flat donor level or a predominantly nitrogen impurity by adding a trivalent element, by integrating this dopant at a specific concentration in the SiC which changes the conductor type from n to p, and by adding a transition metal, which has donor levels in SiC at about the middle of the band gap, and this compensates in turn for the excess acceptor levels in order to achieve a high specific resistance.