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Hochfeste transluzente Glimmer-Glaskeramiken, Verfahren zu ihrer Herstellung und Verwendung

Hochfeste transluzente Glimmer-Glaskeramiken (A1)
Glass ceramic used as both replacement - containing oxide(s) of potassium, sodium, silicon,magnesium, aluminium, zirconium, and also fluoride ions.
: Reise, M.; Mueller, G.

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DE 1996-19610300 A: 19960315
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Glass ceramic with mica and ZrO2 crystals contains (in wt.%): 0-9K2O; 0-9Na2O (Na2O+K2O = approximate 4 wt.%); 35-60 SiO2; 1-=25 MgO; 7-30 Al2O3; 4-12 ZrO2; 2-10 F-, and is essentially free of Ca, Sr and Ba. Production of the ceramic is also claimed, in which the starting materials are mixed and melted at 1300-160 deg. C, and the molten glass is, after cooling, slowly and/or continuously brought to crystallisation temperature. The starting materials are fluorides oxides, carbonates and other salts which form oxides at high temperatures. USE - The ceramic is used as a tooth replacement (claimed). ADVANTAGE - The ceramic has high mechanical strength,high translucent property, and can be easily processed.