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Hochdaemmendes und -absorbierendes Studio-Fenster

Sound attenuating and insulating window - is esp. for sound studio and has at least one window pane set at angle to plane of studio wall.
: Fuchs, H.V.; Hunecke, J.; Zha, X.

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DE 1995-19506512 A: 19950224
DE 1995-19506512 A: 19950224
DE 19506512 C2: 19970213
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The sound absorbing and attenuating window is used in a studio. It incorporates a double glass window with at least one window pane (1) set at an angle, eg. six deg. to the wall. The other window pane (3) may be set parallel to the plane of the wall. The frames for these two panes may be made of wood. There is a third transparent pane (V), made of glass or plastics, projecting a little way out from the plane or the surface of the wall. This pane has many small perforations through it. The walls of the wedge-shaped space (2) between the first two glass panes (1,3) are lined with open-pore sound-absorbing plastics foam material (6). USE/ADVANTAGE - Window to allow illumination and allow people to look into sound studio from outside achieves max. attenuation of unwanted noises from outside.