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HIST - a geographic information system for the support of historic research

: Jung, V.


Computers and Graphics 18 (1994), Nr.2
ISSN: 0097-8493
Fraunhofer IGD ()
geographic information system; Historical Social Research

Today's historic research is often based on quantitative and statistical methods. Carrying out historic research on town development involves examining large amounts of source material. Careful evaluation of these multimedial sources includes time-consuming tasks, such as combining and evaluating data, checking hypotheses, and the graphical presentation of end results. The Historical Town Information System (HIST) facilitates these tasks: it is a Geographic Information System for management and analysis of multimedial data, meeting the special requirements for historic research. Design, implementation and an application of HIST are discussed in this article. Innovative aspects of HIST include a temporal, object-oriented data model, a high level of integration of raster and vector data and a structured graphical query interface.