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High-Tech Waste Management - Challenges, Technologies and Opportunities

: Steinhilper, R.

China Technical Consults, Taiwan; Nation Taiwan University of Science and Technology:
Asian-Pacific Conference on Industrial Waste Minimization and Sustainable Development 1997
Taipei, Taiwan, 1997
Asian-Pacific Conference on Industrial Waste Minimization and Sustainbable Development <1997, Taipei>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Abfallmanagement; Abfallwirtschaft; Fertigungsprozeß; Fertigungssteuerung; Produkt; Produktentwicklung

The paper discusses the main challenges and trends of high-tech waste management, both from an intelligent process control and from an integrated product management point of view. An engineering approach to harmonize manufacturing, marketing and recycling is described on on ehand, while cooperation between the different market players and participants in the product life cycle as well as an appropriate project organisation are also given attention on the other hand. Using case studies, examples and experiences from different applications mainly from the automotive, electric and electronic industries, also the shift from downcycling to upcycling and also the important role of the product design are presented as the most important contribution s towards innovations and new opportunities within high-tech waste management.