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High quality silicon-on-insulator substrates by implanted oxygen ions

: Belz, J.; Burbach, G.; Peter-Weidemann, J.; Vogt, H.; Zimmer, G.

Ammerlaan, C.A.; Chantre, A.; Wagner, P.:
Defects in silicon. Proceedings of Symposium on Science and Technology of Defects in Silicon of the 1989 E-MRS Conference
Amsterdam: North-Holland Publishing, 1989
European Materials Research Society (Spring Meeting) <1989, Strasbourg>
Fraunhofer IMS ()
quality control; SIMOX-SOI; SOI-devices

Silicon-on-insulator subtrates have been formed by high-dose oxygen implantation into (100) Si-wafers. Using fourier-transform-infrared spectroscopy the dose and the dose uniformity across fully implanted 4 in wafers have been measured to confirm the performance of our high-current oxygen-implanter NV 200 from EATON. IR absorptiojn has also been used to examine the stoichiometry of the buried oxide as function of the implanted dose before and after high temperature annealing. CMOS transistors fabricated in those silicon-on-insulator substrates without any epitaxy show excellent channel mobilities and very low junction or off-state leakage currents for submicron CMOS-devices.