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High performance, visualisation and integration - the computer graphics headlines for the 90's

: Encarnacao, J.L.; Schoenhut, J.

Lastra, G.L. ; International Federation for Information Processing -IFIP-, Technical Committee 5 Computer Applications in Technology:
Applications of Computers to Engineering Design, Manufacturing and Management in Latin American Countries : Proceedings of the IFIP TC5 Conference on CAD/CAM Technology Transfer to Latin America
Mexico City, 1988
S.97-111 : Abb.,Lit.
Conference on CAD/CAM Technology Transfer to Latin America <1988, Mexico City>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Anwendungsintegration; application integration; computer graphics trend; Computergraphik; graphics standard; graphics system; integrated document; integriertes Dokument; object orientation; standard; Superworkstation; system; trend; user interface management system; window standard

Expected R+D trends for computer graphics in the 90's are outlined in this report. It focuses on three important and dynamic areas: High Performance Graphics, Integration of Graphics in Application Environments, Visualisation in Computing. Under high performance graphics special attention is given to design questions of graphics systems with attention to the hardware development, to the relation of graphics and window standards and reconstruction, processing and display of 3D arrays of numerical data. ntegration of graphics in application environments deals with application integration and the role of user interface management systems with focus on interaction techniques and presentation of data; it reflects network aspects and the client-server model, and highlights the role of the object-oriented paradigm and the impact of the integrated document model for application systems. The third area of visualisation in computing gives a definition of the problem and outline trends, tools and techniques concluding with an overview of the manifold application areas, where visualisation is essential. (AGD)