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Heizungssystem und Verfahren mit Sonnenkollektor

Method of using solar energy, with air as heat conveyor - involves guiding air in closed circuit from absorber chamber to heat accumulator and back again.
: Koenig, N.; Sedlbauer, K.; Rath, J.

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DE 1995-19521414 A: 19950614
DE 1995-19521414 A: 19950614
DE 19521414 A1: 19961219
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The method involves guiding the air in a closed circuit from the absorber chamber to the heat accumulator and back again. A solar collector (4) is fixed to the outer wall of a building (1) and is operated with air as the heat conveyor. The air is conveyed via an accumulator duct (13) for transferring heat from the air to heat accumulator material. The enclosed absorber chamber has two connections for the inflow and outflow of the air. The heat accumulator is formed by the roof (5) of the building. The accumulator is insulated on the side of the building external wall. ADVANTAGE - The solar energy is better utilised as a result of the accumulator element. Losses are minimised by the closed circuit system, and the system is very easily regulated.