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Härten mit Elektronen- oder Laserstrahlen. Ein Systemvergleich

Setting with electron beam and laser beam processes - comparison of systems
: Gillner, A.; Kreutz, E.W.; Wissenbach, K.; Beyer, E.; Herziger, G.

Deutscher Verband für Schweißtechnik e.V. -DVS-, Düsseldorf:
2. Internationale Konferenz Strahltechnik '85. Proceedings
Düsseldorf: DVS-Verlag, 1985 (DVS Berichte 99)
ISBN: 3-87155-404-9
Internationale Konferenz Strahltechnik <2, 1985, Essen>
Fraunhofer ILT ()
abrasion; ductibility; Duktilität; electron beam; Elektronenstrahlverfahren; Festigkeit; laser radiation; Laserstrahl; Leistung; power; solidity; system; tribological function; tribologische Funktion; Verschleiß; viscositiy funktion; Zähigkeitsfunktion

Electron beam and laser beam processes with average power in kW area up to mys zone are increasingly used in the metalworking industry to divide the viscosity function of the basic material from the tribological function of the surface. The abrasion properties of moved parts for example can bei considerably improved while simultaneous mass reduction takes place. The high durability reduces material consumption and the improved friction properties reduce the energy demand. Due to control of power density distribution and due to variation of interaction times during refining and due to transformation of material parameters during prodution, temperature distribution, which must be defined in time and place can be achieved in metal. The high power densities with high heating and colling rates as well as steep temperature gradients, the slight thermic load of the material outside the processing area and the great variety of processing patterns with exact delimittion of the beam shaping and the beam guiding distinguish electron beam processes from conventional ones. This opens up new or improved industrial applications for certain structure changes of the material with the required surface properties such as abrasion, corrosion, solidity and ductibility.