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Handling equipment and electric overhead conveyor system. A technically and economically profitable symbiosis

: Schieleit, J.

International Fluidics Services Ltd. -IFS-, Kempston:
18th International Symposium on Industrial Robots '88. Proceedings
Kempston, 1988
International Symposium on Industrial Robots <18, 1988, Lausanne>
Fraunhofer IML ()
commissioning; conveying; Elektrohängebahn; Förderung; Handhabung; handling; Hängebahn; Kommissionierung; Lagerbedienung; monorail; order picking; overhead; Roboter; warehouse

This paper describes the problem and the technical solutions involved with integrating different handling axles with conventional overhead electric running gear. In addition, possible fields of application will be described, the individual influences of which have considerable effects on the design of the handling components. Beside simple handling operations, such as storage and retrieval, complex applications, such as multi-machine operation and order picking are included. In conlusion, the realization of an experimental installation and the results obained will be presented.