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Halbleiterdetektor fuer kurzwellige Strahlung und Verfahren zu dessen Herstellung

Semiconductor detector for short-wave radiation and process for their production

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DE 1994-4407730 A: 19940308
DE 1994-4407730 A: 19940308
DE 4407730 A1: 19950914
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to a semiconductor detector for short-wave radiation, in particular in the UV range, and the process for its production. Known semiconductor detectors for the UV range have the disadavantage that they experience major difficulties in sensitive narrowband detection in the the wavelength range below about 350 nm. The semiconductor detector according to the invention on the other hand permits the narrowband detection of this radiation at high sensitivity. It consists of a substrate with a semiconductor layer arranged at its front end. The substrate and semiconductor layer are either electrically isolated by means of an intermediate layer or the substrate itself consists of an isolator. The semiconductor layer contains components of a photodetector in the form of areas with different dopings and the active detector volume arranged laterally and adjacently, whereby the active detector volume covers the entire thickness of the semiconductor layer and the thickness of th e semiconductor layer is adjusted in this layer depending on the penetration depth of the radiation to be detected. The semiconductor detector can, for example, be used as a UV erytheme excitation threshold detector.