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Grossflaechige piezokeramische Bauelemente

Mechanically stable large area piezo-ceramic component - has densely sintered piezo-ceramic thick film on support.
: Gesemann, H.J.; Schoenecker, A.; Seffner, L.; Keitel, U.

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DE 1995-19540203 A: 19951028
DE 1995-19540203 A: 19951028
DE 19540203 A1: 19970430
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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A large area piezoceramic component has a more than 5 (pref. 20-150) microns thick piezoceramic layer which has been densely sintered at at most 950 deg. C on a support with a base electrode and which bears a top electrode. Pref. the support consists of Al2O3, MgO, BeO, ZrO2 or Si and the piezoceramic layer is a ceramic layer of a PbO-contg. complex perovskite with additions of glass and fused oxides of near-eutectic composition. with a liquidus temp. of below 900 deg. C. USE - E.g. as a tactile sensor for article position detection, as a sonic wave receiver for measuring ultrasonic fields in cleaning baths and the like, as vibration damper for vibrating parts, as a keyboard element, as a vibrating membrane for ultrasound generation or as a focussing sonar receiver or transmitter. ADVANTAGE - The component can have a large area and a piezoceramic layer thickness of more than 5 microns, while having good mechanical stability so that it can operate with large forces, sound intensities an d signal levels.