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Graphisch-interaktive Anwendungen mobiler Informationssysteme

: Bönigk, J.; Kirste, T.; Rieck, A.

Thema Forschung (1997), Nr.2, S.128-138
ISSN: 1434-7768
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Mobile Informationssysteme

Mobile information systems allow a user to record data on-site and to access stationary information services while on the move. Computer support and electronic information access can now be embedded into usage contexts and work processes, where the use of conventional hardware has until now been too expensive, too unwieldy, or simply impossible - for example, in field service, maintenance, environmental information and facility management. In our paper, we outline fundamental solution concepts for building interactive graphics and multimedia applications using mobile computing technology. In addition, we present some of the application prototypes that have been developed in the course of our work.