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Glass-ceramics based on phases with NZP-type structure

: Müller, G.; Schulz, S.G.; Mildner, M.

Glass Science and Technology 67 (1994), Nr.9, S.255-259
ISSN: 0017-1085
ISSN: 0946-7475
Fraunhofer ISC ()
glass; glass-ceramics; ion conductivity; NZP-type; thermal expansion

Regions of glass formation are described, that can be crystallized to glass-ceramics consisting of one or two phases with NaZr2P3O12-type structure. One region is derived from NaGe2P3O12 through partial substitution of MgO for Na2O; it yields glass-ceramics with high thermal expansion. By contrast, glass-ceramics with low or even negative thermal expansion, obtained from complex compositions are described too. With sodium contents above one mole per formula unit glass-ceramics can be obtained that show ionic conductivity. However, the large conductivity of sintered "Nasicons" of analogous structure are not obtained, probably because of the structural complexity of the glass-ceramics.