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Gesture driven interaction as a human factor in virtual environments - an approach with neural networks

: Väänänen, K.; Böhm, K.

Jones, H.; Gigante, M.A.; Earnshaw, R.A.:
An approach with neural networks. Proceedings
San Diego: Academic Press, 1993
ISBN: 0-12-227748-1
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Fraunhofer IGD ()
Gesture-based Interaction; neural network; virtual reality

In this paper an approach to 3D interaction in a virtual environment using gestures recognized by neural networks is described. Our test environment, called GIVEN (Gesture driven Interactions in Virtual ENvironments), is introduced, and its gesture module architecture structure explained. Major attention is paid to the interaction in the 3D space in which hand gestures are submitted to the system by using a dataglove. In GIVEN, neural networks are used to recognize the gestures of the user or the 'visitor' of the virtual environment. We argue that this results in user-centred and intuitive methods of interacting and behaving in the environments and manipulating objects in it. In addition, a highly modular system architecture supports device independency, as well as application type and interaction type independency. The resulting environment is a user-friendly, re-usable and flexible system.